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Why should your business go mobile?

The internet is no longer the desktop-fixed resource that it used to be. Nowadays, more and more people are using their mobile phones to surf the internet to the extent that it is now predicted that this will account for the majority of internet usage within just five years. It is therefore essential to capitalize on this fact and establish a mobile presence in order to stay ahead of your competition.

Why you need an app

  • Your name and logo on your clients phone 24 hours a day 365 days per year, every time your client turns the phone on they will see your name and logo on their phone.
  • Push Notification, you can send messages directly to your clients phone every day for FREE.
  • Special Offers, in-bed special offers directly in to your clients' phone.
  • Reservations and orders, your clients can book appointments or order directly from the app, no need to visit the website other available features include:
  • Tell a friend, Reservation, Contact form, About Us, Gallery, Menu, Social Media, Buy Now, Newsletter, Contact us, Push Notification, Full map direction, Loyalty card, Imbed video into app, Opening screen fading picture effect, U1 colour upgrade, Special offers, Multi-grid picture menu, PDF catalogue, Pages slide sideways, Town centre app , Yellow page app, Security (Neighbourhood Watch), Take a picture to send with a form, In app reminder system (small diary), Gym Bio + graph, Golf score + storage, Two way chat, Taxi booking system, Tracking system, Local password, Geo-targeting , Radio app, TV station, Restaurant live booking + ipad and tablet, Hotel live booking + ipad and tablet, Events ticket booking app, Doctor live booking calendar (up to 8 doctors), School checking app and much more.

The demand and usage of mobile phones are on the increase in Nigeria, designing a purpose built app for your business and organisation opens up many opportunities. From opening up channels to interact with your clients to solidifying your brand.

At, we hope to achieve a complete customer satisfaction in our app development projects. To ensure that the project result exceeds your expectation and achieves your goal, please get in touch with us now.


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Why Us?

We develop all kind of mobile apps including native, cross platform and hybrid apps. 
We do application framework design with Observer, Factory Design & Singleton Pattern. 
We integrate NFC (Near Field Communication) for high end mobile applications. 
We use streamlined data analytics to record incoming & outgoing data from mobile apps. 


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