Doodle/Animation Videos

Capture your Audience and get your Message across to them

Supercharge your Marketing with Doodle Whiteboard Animation videos

Video has unlimited benefits when it comes to marketing your business.

With Doodle/Animation Videos, a part of your brain is activated when watching an illustration being drawn causes the same emotion as if you were actually drawing yourself. This keeps you watching – you need to see how it’s going to turn out!

As the average business person uses the internet to research products online before they go to buy, the key is to make sure your business is the one they find.

How do you do that? Well, this is where video comes into play.  Search engines look for content that contains video and score it higher in their rankings than any other medium of media or webpage. If a company wants to get to the top of the search engines, the easiest way is through using video, and specifically, video that is unique, like Doodle Videos.

Doodle Videos can be used for any number of things – on exhibition stands, as product promotion or as explainer videos – whenever you need help to get your message across.

Finally, custom explainer videos (that won’t break the bank!)

Whether you’re a startup, small business or a multi-million dollar company, our custom explainer videos will help you…

  • Differentiate yourself from competition and old-school type of presentations
  • Simplify complicated procedures and messages so your viewers can take action.
  • Impress your audience with unusual, easier-to-understand & engaging video.
  • Increase sales and conversions with the power of hand-drawn engagement.
  • Explain your product or service in a way that even a 7 y.o. kid can understand.

Our affordable low cost pricing depends on which video style you want and whether you want us to provide a top-notch video script and/or voice-over (or if you prefer to provide your own). We work with gifted copywriters and 25+ different voice talents who can convert your script into a hypnotizing, crystal-clear voice-over. Just go ahead and choose your video style below and customize your video to fit your needs:

We offer: Typography Video l 2D Animation Video l Whiteboard Doodle Video


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Production Process

It’s really simple to get your Doodle Video – Check out the simple 6-step Doodle Video Production Process …

 Even if you’ve gone for the budget option, you still need a script.  You can supply your own script, or in our premium package, we’ll work with you to create a script to deliver your message.  You’ll need to think about what you want the Video to tell people about – are you selling a product or service, or maybe just trying to explain a concept? Once you’re 100% happy with the script, we move on to stage 2.
 It’s really important that we choose the right voice to convey your message. You’ll need to think about whether a male or female voice will be the best fit; maybe a regional accent? Perhaps a young voice? We have a range of artists and we’ll help you decide what would be best for your video and get your script professionally recorded.
Some Videos work best with just music, some with music and Voice Over and some with Voice Over alone. When we’ve decided with you what fits your video, if we need music we’ll source a track to go with your video.
SNow the fun really begins. We’ll take your script to our talented illustrators and get them to create the images to hold your audience and tell your story.
 With all the components now ready, our production team get to work to create your video!
 Production finished, it’s time to publish. We’ll upload your completed HD video file in whatever format you choose to Dropbox. You can then download it to use wherever you need. Alternatively, we can publish to YouTube – either on our channel or your own. You can then use the link to the video on your web site or wherever else you choose. For an additional cost, we can also research the best keywords and tags and apply these to your video to help your Google rankings.


Sample Explainer Videos

capture your Audience and communicate your Message with Whiteboard Videos.

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